There is this feeling you get when you’re uncertain about almost everything in life and then you stumble upon something and it’s like your blurred world starts getting clearer and your life finally begins to make some sense. That’s what books are for me. I was not a reader since I was a kid. I never knew that words can paint an entire world in the backs of your eyes or that they can make you forget and remember all at the same time. I was foreign to the concept of words. Although I began to love reading short stories, my interest was just limited to them and they never left a lasting impression. They never made me long for more. It all happened when I was 16 and I decided to read Divergent. It took me time to get in the book but as it progressed, I felt connected to a character for the first time in my life and the feeling was..exhilarating and addictive and I couldn’t stop thinking about it the next day. My life as a reader started from that moment. I like to believe my life in general started from that moment.

So, here I am now, a 19 year old awkward introvert girl, hopelessly in love with books and for once trying to focus on the things that makes her happy instead of all the other crap in her life. And this is what this blog is about, the one thing that makes me profoundly happy: books. There are days when that feeling doesn’t last for long and I struggle to hold it close to me before it eventually slips away and there are days when it is so strong I almost feel drunk on it, but no matter how long it lasts, it’s still one of those things that makes me keep dreaming and keep wanting and keep holding on and I cherish it with everything I have.

Welcome to my blog. I’m Ananya and I’m currently an engineering undergraduate. I love reading Young Adult books and my favorite genre is Contemporary fiction because I feel like it’s a perfect mix of reality and fiction: realistic enough to make me aware about life and fiction enough to make me forget about my own.



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