Saturday, 17 August 2019

Review: Sink by Desireé Dallagiacomo

(TW: abuse, mental illness, self harm)
A lyrical, searing family portrait of grief, motherhood, love, abuse and mental illness, Sink is simultaneously addictive and hard to read. The poems weave in and out of moments of a deeply troubled childhood- of an abusive and later absent father, a beaten down mother, growing up in a neglectful home, of an aunt found floating in the river, dead- and later goes on to chart ancestry and descent. Sink is a lesson in inheritance highlighting the violence handed down by men over to men and wounds handed down by women to women; the violence mirroring itself over generations forward.
"My grandfather broke
my father’s arm
with a baseball bat"- Reno, Nevada
"What I mean is months later my father broke her arm & she stayed. Broke a closed window with her head & she stayed. I mean broke nose no fuss." - Strength
"violence is masculinity’s
garter belt. All my uncles hold fast." - Pleasant Valley State Prison with Inmate Number F-49837
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